Firman Firdaus is an editor, journalist, writer, photographer, web designer, editorial design consultant, and information architect, passionate about textual details and visual balance.

His field of expertise includes: Product Development and/or Management, Experience Design (XD), UX writing, UX design and research; newsroom management, coverage assignment, content analysis, issue/story development, online journalism and new media strategy; visual communication design; photography and photo editing; information architecture, textual and visual editing, proofreading, copyediting, copywriting, editorial consulting and strategy, storytelling, social media. 

Prior to joining Katadata.co.id as a web/user interface designer, he worked as editor for Indonesian edition of National Geographic Magazine (NGM-ID, 2006–2017), and designed its website as well as managed the contents.

Previously, he was a news researcher and weekly science desk editor (proposed a one pop-sci page called “Eksplorasi”) for national-circulated daily newspaper, Media Indonesia (2002–2006).

In his tenure at NGM-ID, for about a year (2015–2016) he was assigned to write, edit, and curate for Fotokita.net, photography community website under NGM-ID management (also designed by himself).

He has written more than a dozen feature stories for National Geographic Traveler Indonesia (most of them also photographing), feature story for NGM-ID, and also tens of online features and photos on Nationalgeographic.co.id.

He was also a guest mentor for Permata PhotoJournalist Grant (PPG), the first program dedicated to developing talents of Indonesian emerging photojournalists and documentary photographer.

Currently, he lives in Bekasi with his lovely wife Echa, his adorable kids Kafka, Lova, and Sakha, and a bunch of funny—but sometimes annoying—cats.