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The Many Faces of Istanbul (+Bursa)

Istanbul, as Alex Webb pointed out, is another kind of border—between East and West, Islam and secularism, ancient and modern. I visited the city in February 2019, and the scents of the many entities (religion, culture, history, economy, technology, modernity, etc) merged in a natural way, and apparently will continue to thrive.   Formerly known as Byzantium and Constantinople, […]

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Stasiun Manggarai

Stasiun Manggarai (MRI) adalah stasiun kereta api kelas besar tipe A yang terletak di Manggarai, Tebet Jakarta Selatan. Stasiun yang terletak pada ketinggian +13 meter ini termasuk dalam Daerah Operasi I Jakarta dan merupakan stasiun kereta api terbesar di DKI Jakarta. Stasiun ini hanya melayani KRL Commuter Line tujuan Bogor, Depok, Jatinegara, Jakarta Kota, dan Bekasi. Letak stasiun berada di persimpangan tujuh: ke Jatinegara, Jakarta Kota, Tanah Abang, Bogor, dipo KRL Bukit […]

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Kalimalang Traffic

Cars lining up in a massive traffic jam in Halim-Cawang area, Jakarta, Indonesia. People have to deal with a worse traffic jam due to belated infrastructure development carried by the government.